The basics of success:
Understanding sponsored ads

Whether you’re new to the idea of advertising on Amazon or have been considering it for a while, chances are you’d like to know more about it. That’s why we’ve created this resource – to answer the questions that you have about sponsored ads, including how much they cost (hint: you decide that), how much time it takes to create campaigns, and how they can help you grow your brand and sales on Amazon.

Ad types

What exactly are sponsored ads? And how do they work?

Simply put, they are ads that are targeted to customer search terms or products, and they appear in prominent places on Amazon (such as the top of search results and product pages).

Sponsored Products

Icon of a Sponsored Product ad on desktop

Benefits: Increase sales; drive traffic to product pages

Sponsored Products let you promote individual product listings in search results and on relevant product pages. When clicked, they drive to the featured product’s page.

Sponsored Products are available to sellers and vendors.

Sponsored Brands

Benefits: Boost brand awareness; increase demand for full selection

Vendors as well as sellers enrolled in Amazon Brand Registry can use this ad type, which lets you pair a collection of your products (at least 3) with your logo and a creative headline. You also have the chance to promote your brand’s Store with Sponsored Brands—you can link directly to it to deepen customer engagement and discovery.

More on Stores

Benefits: Heighten brand engagement with a curated shopping experience; encourage customer loyalty

Stores is a free, self-service solution that lets you promote your brand and products in an engaging, interactive way. You can use it to highlight seasonal collections and bestsellers, show videos of your products and tell a story about your brand. You can also use widgets to automatically customize the experience to shoppers.

Stores is available to vendors as well as Sellers enrolled in Amazon Brand Registry.