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Not selling on Amazon? No problem.

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Ad solutions for selling off of Amazon

Maybe what you sell doesn’t fit with Amazon’s catalogue of products, but you’d still like to advertise to our audience.

Unique insights

Leverage insights based on more than 20 years of observed shopping behaviors to reach your ideal audience.

Exclusive Amazon touch points

In addition to traditional display and video placements on Amazon and our partner sites such as IMDb, we offer offline solutions such as lockers, boxes and more.

Measure performance

Understand how your ads are performing so you can make informed decisions.

Trusted ad solutions

1 in 3 Amazon customers report that they trust ads they see on Amazon more than ads they see on other sites across the web.1

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1 Source: Survey written by Amazon conducted using Google Consumer Surveys, February 2017: “How trustworthy are online ads you see when shopping on compared to other sites you use?”