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L’Oréal drives impressive results for new product line

Set your goals

L’Oréal, a global beauty brand, needed to make a splash. They were launching a brand new range of products on and wanted to drive awareness and sales. The new product was the Men’s Barber Club range - L’Oréal’s first grooming range inspired by barbers’ vast knowledge and expertise for the expert care of beards and moustaches.

L’Oréal decided to employ its agency, iCrossing, to help drive traffic to this new product. L’Oréal outlined two objectives for iCrossing:

  • Increase awareness by reaching 1M impressions from users not already engaged
    with the Barber Club range
  • Efficiently drive sales by achieving an overall ROAS of 280%

Reach your goals

To increase awareness, iCrossing placed 40% of the budget on Sponsored Brands and high bids across generic terms like “beard trimmer”. Sponsored Brands can appear prominently at the top of Amazon’s search results page and drive shoppers to a page featuring at least 3 products or an Amazon Store.

To ensure iCrossing drove overall sales effectively, they placed 45% of the budget on Sponsored Products campaigns. Based on previous experience, iCrossing found that this ad format is an efficient way to generate sales on Amazon. Sponsored Products can appear within Amazon’s search results and drive shoppers directly to the product detail page of the advertised product.

The remaining budget was then placed on Product Display Ad campaigns as a way to cross-sell and up-sell the new Barber Club range and also prevent other ads from displaying on Barber Club product detail pages.

iCrossing made sure to review campaigns frequently. They optimized campaigns 3-4 times per week, focusing on updating bids to ensure they maximised visibility on and met the ROAS target. iCrossing increased bids for keywords that met its campaign objectives and decreased bids for keywords that did not meet its campaign objectives.

Amazon continues to grow as a channel for L’Oréal Paris, and the Barber Club launch proves its effectiveness when
launching a range with a
digital-first focus.
Sam Crossman, Head of Digital for L’Oréal Paris

Exceed your goals

The results were impressive as a significant percentage of the overall sales for L’Oreal’s campaigns in Q4 came from the Barber Club sponsored ads campaigns. The overall ROAS for the campaigns was also significantly above their set goal of 280%.

iCrossing drove product awareness too. Across the Barber Club campaigns, the Sponsored Brands and Product Display campaigns drove 1.6MM impressions. These impressions gave L’Oréal the opportunity to reach many different shoppers in highly visible placements on

Overall, the initiative was a success. As Sam Crossman, Head of Digital for L’Oréal Paris, commented “The collaboration between our team at iCrossing and Amazon has helped us drive forward impressive results for our sponsored ads activity, and for our presence across Amazon as a whole. Amazon continues to grow as a channel for L’Oréal Paris, and the Barber Club launch proves its effectiveness when launching a range with a digital-first focus.”

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