Amazon Advertising Platform

Reach Amazon shoppers programmatically at Amazon’s sites, across the web, and in mobile apps.

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Amplify your campaign

The Amazon Advertising Platform (AAP) puts your campaigns in front of shoppers at Amazon’s owned and operated sites, at other high-quality websites, or when they initialize and watch video content or use mobile apps.

AAP offers a variety of placements, including the ability to integrate Amazon’s eCommerce ad functionality—integrating the power of unique and familiar Amazon features, such as customer reviews and the Add to Basket button—effectively turning more of the web into your Amazon store.

If your goal is to show eye-catching creative and increase brand engagement, AAP can place your message front and center with full-screen or video formats during natural content breaks, driving traffic to your websites and landing pages.

Achieve better results

Through AAP’s managed service or enterprise self-service solutions, you can leverage Amazon’s ability to observe millions of real-time, actual shopping behaviors to reach Amazon shoppers in more precise ways, creating more relevant experiences for customers and better results for your business.

Success Stories

Auto Manufacturer

A UK Auto manufacturer increased awareness for a new crossover vehicle with the Amazon Advertising Platform (AAP). The AAP campaign drove more than 12,000 visits to the vehicles page on the advertiser’s site.

Pharmaceutical company

A major pharmaceutical company used AAP video ads to drive sales of a medicine for infants. The campaign averaged more than 115,000 targeted impressions per day, delivering four million total targeted impressions, increasing product research activity by 100%, and boosting detail page views at Amazon by 80%.